GAW180HEA - Welder, 180A, 3.0kW gen., Honda GFCI

Year: 2017 | Serial #: 5800222
Price: $3460.00
List Price: $4950.00
Warranty Terms: Full Term
Machine Hours: 0


New freight damage / Small scratches & dent on the pipe frame.

Comes with the full warranty.



180 amp welder

3kW AC output

Honda engine, recoil/electric start

Battery sold separately

Battery specifications: 12N243A / MQ# 0162212024


Welding Applications   GAW180HEA

SMAW — Shielded Metal Arc Welding    Ok

FCAW — Flux Core Arc Welding    Ok

GMAW — Gas Metal Arc Welding    Ok

GTAW — Gas Tungsten Arc Welding    N/A

ACAC — Air Carbon Arc Cutting     N/A


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