HOSE025 Pump Hose Protector 2-1/2"

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Condition: Hose-O Hose Protector Protects the jobsite from damage caused by the weight and movement of the pump hose * Protects hose * Protects contractor forms * Protects decorative surfaces * Frees clamps from wire mesh * Protects existing surfaces * Works equally well on reducers and steel pipe Hose-O prevents jobsite damage caused by the weight and movement of the pump hose. A round ring of lightweight, durable polyethylene foam, the Hose-O fits easily onto hoses from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The install/removal slit makes installing it around a hose quick and easy. Once installed, the hose sits as much as 4 inches off the ground, and the foam won’t damage whatever surface it’s resting on. Place a Hose-O on the pour side of each clamp where you want protection. For extra protection, simply use more. If reducers are used, place a Hose-O on the hose ends at each end of the reducer. The Hose-O is also ideal for water pump applications — it keeps hoses out of mud, damaging rocks and debris. Easy To Install! 1. Lay out the delivery system (hoses/pipes) as you normally would to set up for the job. 2. Wherever protection from friction wear is desired, place a Hose-O upright under your delivery system with the install/removal slit facing up. 3. Remove the Strengthing Rod from the Hose-O. 4. Press your delivery system through the entry slit until it rests snugly in the interior hole of the Hose-O. 5. Insert the Strengthing Rod back into the side of the Hose-O. Fits this size hose: 2½" (HoseO 25)