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DIAMTACH kit, Yellow, stamped “Y” on pin shank; incl. 6 ea. DIAMTCH-Y units; 6 ea. p/n 29019-017 mounting wedges, 6 ea. 20040901

replacement stainless steel retaining pins; 6 ea. 242101 replacement O-rings; installation hammer, drive punch and extra heavy duty steel tool box.

For General Purpose

For use on the:

Stow DFG Series Dual Head Floor Grinders

Models DFG110H, DFG20E, DFG30E, DFG30E50 and the SFG10E.

Diam-A-Tach® Diamond

Segment Grinding System

The Diam-A-Tach system utilizes individual

diamond segments to deliver up to five times

greater productivity and 15 times greater

service life than silicon carbide stones. The

non-clogging characteristics of diamonds

make them the ideal choice for many thin

film coating removal projects. The higher

productivity rates can also be the solution for

larger projects, especially when removing a

thin concrete layer in preparation for a new top

coating. The system can be operated in both

wet and dry job applications. Worn or damaged

segments are easily rotated or replaced in

seconds. Service life is dependent upon many

variables, but can approach 50,000 square feet

per set, making it a cost-efficient solution for

many job applications. Pins are color-coded to

correspond to specific applications.

Fits most major brands.


Increases productivity over grinding stones.


Removes thin film surface coatings without



Matrix options for material types and abrasion

levels. (See accessory detail.)


Offset mounting extends segment service life.


Replaceable diamond segment pins.


6 inserts of 3 segments required per machine.

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