29019-021 Clean Sweep Rotary Brush

Year: 2007 | Serial #: (3) in stock
Price: $125.00
List Price: $290.00
Warranty Terms: 60-Day
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Location: Carson California


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For use on the:

Stow DFG Series Dual Head Floor Grinders

Models DFG110H, DFG20E, DFG30E, DFG30E50 and the SFG10E.

Silicon carbide impregnated floor brushes

can be utilized wet or dry and are quickly

attached by simple hardware (included)

to the multi-accessory discs. Designed to

remove rubber tire deposits from industrial

floors, environmentally related damage and

discolorations from concrete, and the buffing

of various types of tiles. The silicon carbide

impregnations are also extremely effective for

stripping scale build-ups and rust formations

from steel decking. The movement action of

the bristles eliminates clogging.

Brushes are an effective tool for the deep

cleaning of industrial floors with common



Fits General dual-headed surface



Silicon carbide impregnated bristles

produce aggressive cleaning action.


Use with detergents to remove grease, dirt

and stains from concrete floors.


2 discs required per machine

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