29019 016 Wire Brush Assembly

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Wire Brush Assembly; .025 flat wire x .059 fill; 4 rows, 2" x 4" hardwood block incl. mounting wedge 29019-017. Requires 6 units per machine.

For use on the:

Stow DFG Series Dual Head Floor Grinders

Models DFG110H, DFG20E, DFG30E, DFG30E50 and the SFG10E.

Flat steel wires are set in hardwood blocks.

Brushes quickly remove materials such as

softer grease, wax, food by-products and

rubber backing during carpet removal. When

producing exposed aggregate slabs, wire

brushes clean away the slower setting concrete

without disturbing the aggregate. Other

practical uses include roughing linoleum tiles

for the application of urethane coverings, the

removal of blistering and peeling paint, plaster

droppings and material accumulations from

warehouse floors. For increased service life,

brushes should be rotated between discs every

hour of operation to remove any directional set.

Additional weight added to the grinder will not

normally increase productivity rates.


Fits General and EDCO dual-headed

surface grinders.

Breaks up soft to medium deposits of

grease, dirt, rubber carpet backing and

industrial residues from floor surfaces.

Produces exposed aggregate slabs.

Removes slow setting concrete without

disturbing aggregate.

6 brush blocks required per machine.

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