29021-003 ~ 8" DRUM-TWO SECT

Year: 2010 | Serial #: (7) in stock
Price: $195.00
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Warranty Terms: 60-Day
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Location: Carson California


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29021-003 ~ 8" DRUM-TWO SECT

For use on the 8PF55H or 8PF50E ~ STOW Planer / Attachments

(Unit or Flails not included)

Flail Drum

Built around a hexagon tube, Stow’s Two-Section Flail Drum

incorporates heavy steel supports on both ends and is offset in

the center to hold four heat-treated mounting rods. Star, Beam

or Pentagon can be loaded on the rods in a variety of patterns to

achieve the desired surface texture. Part No. 29021-003.


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