31-HP Kubota,Gas-LPG Dual Fuel,8' Non-overlap,twin five blade rotors

The HHX series Dual Fuel Ride-on Trowel delivers all the features contractors demand plus the additional option of running on LPG (with proper ventilation) or gasoline. The Kubota WG972 engine delivers the power, duribilty and performance required for today's ever changing customer needs.

  • Powerful 31 HP Gasoline-LPG engine from Kubota delivers the high torque needed for panning while having the high rotor speed needed for finishing
  • Clam Shell Design simplifies maintenance and offers the convenient access to all the serviceable components
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides superior performance by constantly adjusting the drive ratio to obtain torque and speed during all phases of finishing from low speed torque to high speed burnishing
  • Helical Gearboxes offer the industries' most efficient, coolest running, trouble free design on the market today. This helical gearbox is also backed by a three year warranty
  • LED Lighting provides state of the art illumination for night time or indoor work
  • 12 Volt Outlet for charging your cell phone
  • Spider Assemblies can be economically rebuilt and feature long lasting wear plates and spider hubs
  • Twin Pitch Control enables the operator to simultaneously control the pitch of both rotors with minimal effort while also allowing the individual pitch adjustment of each set of rotors
  • Large Capacity Gasoline Tank holds up to ten U.S. gallons
  • LPG tanks sold seperatly (Capacity 33.5#)

 Engines using LPG fuel should be operated only in areas with adequate ventilation. NEVER operate in confined areas or in areas where the free flow of air is restricted.

Unit Specifications
Engine 31 HP WG972 Kubota Dual Fuel
Engine Cooling Liquid
Blades per Rotor 5
Rotor RPM 0-180
Path Width 92 in 2336 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 gal 37.8 L
Run Time 2.31 gal/hr
Dimensions & Weights
Operating Weight 1520 lb 689 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.