68-HP,PSI Gas-LPG Dual Fuel,8',Non-overlap,twin six-blade rotors

The HTX-Series Dual-Fuel Ride-on trowel delivers features such as Smart Pitch, Power Management and Cruise Control. This model also allows the operator the option of running on LPG (with proper ventilation) as well as Gasoline. This HTX delivers the same power and durability you have come to expect from MQ Whiteman Ride-on Trowels.


  • Powerful 2.4 liter gasoline-LPG engine from Power Solutions Inc.delivers the high torque needed for panning and high rotor speeds needed for finishing.
  • Engine Power Management senses engine load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to allow engine to operate at peak efficiency
  • Clam-shell design simplifies maintenance with convenient access to all service items
  • Easy Fill location for hydraulic oil reservoir
  • LED lights provide superior illumination during indoor or night-time jobs
  • Smart Pitch control synchronizes blade pitch with the touch of a single button
  • 12 Volt outlet and cup holder for operator convenience on the job
  • Real Time electric fuel gauge mounted on operators console
  • Six blade spider assemblies produce the flattest floors possible with 33% more blade contact
  • New design allows the operator much better visibility of the floor
  • Cruise Control standard on all hydraulic ride on trowels
  • LPG tanks sold seperatly (Capacity 33.5#)

 Engines using LPG fuel should be operated only in areas with adequate ventilation. NEVER operate in confined areas or in areas where the free flow of air is restricted.

Unit Specifications
Engine P.S.I.(Power Systems Inc.) 68 HP (50.7kw) Gasoline-LPG
Engine Cooling Liquid
Blades per Rotor 6
Rotor RPM 10-160
Path Width 92 in 2336 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 11 gal 41.6 L
Run Time 3.8 gal/hr
Dimensions & Weights
Operating Weight 2174 lb 986.1 kg
Shipping Weight 2674 lb 1212 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.