4-Blade,36" Kohler CH395TF,9 HP, Min 60-115 Max RPM blade speed.

Multiquip is introducing a new line of walk behind trowels. The J36KDF features the option of running on gasoline or LPG. This cleaner burning Gasoline/ LPG Kohler engine can offer extened run times as well as an overall cost savings to the end user.

  • Durable Kohler CH 395TF engine provides efficient and reliable performance contractors demand
  • 3-year engine warranty.
  • Fuel control switch converts the engine from gaslone to LPG
  • Cleaner emissions
  • Fuel cost savings due to lower price of LPG compared to gasoline
  • Gearbox features top quality components and large oil capicity for years of trouble free performance
  • Spider and thrust collar design simplifies routine maintenance
  • Center mounted lifting bail for ease of movement on the jobsite 
  • LPG fuel tank (Cap.11 LB.) comes as standard equipment

    Engines using LPG fuel should be operated only in areas with adequate ventilation. NEVER operate in confined areas or in areas where the free flow of air is restricted.

Unit Specifications
Clutch Type Centrifugal
No. of Blades 4
Ring Diameter 36 in 915 mm
Rotor Speed 60-115 RPM
Handle Options QXH SXH
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 70 in 1789 mm
Overall Width 36 in 915 mm
Overall Height 41 in 1044 mm
Operating Weight 271 lb 123 kg
Shipping Weight 270 lb 122 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.