30 yd/hr, Perkins 404D-22TA 64 HP Turbo Diesel

True Hard Rock Pumping in a Smaller Package

Filling a niche that has been neglected, the Mayco LS300P Concrete Pump has the versatility to efficiently place 2" line mixes (3/8" pea gravel, masonry grout, shotcrete), structural concrete containing up to 1.5" aggregate, as well as everything in-between. Equipped with 6" diameter concrete cylinders and utilizing a 24" stroke ensures that the LS300P will smoothly pump even low slump concrete mix designs.

Mayco's balanced independent hydraulic circuit guarantees a smooth changeover throughout, reducing to a minimum the tiring pump surge and premature wear on placing components. The 'true reverse' feature allows for immediate reversal of the pump stroke at any point allowing you to avoid troublesome line blockages in both a timely and safe manner.

The powerful Perkins 64hp diesel engine helps put meaningful working force behind the LS300P's 800psi concrete delivery pressure so that you get true performance at distances rarely achieved by other concrete pumps in this class. The Mayco LS300P Concrete Pump is the true value choice for contractors who need performance without breaking the bank.

  • Concrete piston face pressure of 800 PSI (55 Bar)
  • Concrete cylinder diameter is 6 inches (152 mm) with 24-inch stroke (610 mm)
  • Horizonal pumping distance of 800 feet (243 meters), vertical is 200 feet (61 meters) 
  • Powered by a 64-hp Perkins 404D-22TA turbo diesel
  • Designed for aggregate sized up to 1-1/2 inches (38 mm)
  • True Reverse allows stroke change during any point in the pumping cycle
  • Hard faced wear components for longer life 
  • Variable volume output of 30 cubic yards (23 cubic meters) per hour
  • Ideal for use with shotcrete, masonry block fill, slabs, footings, lightweight, & blend mixes 
  • Innovative DCP (Digital Control Panel) solid state electronic control box with full diagnostic & performance monitoring
  • Optional wireless radio remote has a range of 1000 feet (300 meters)
  • Optional air or electric vibrators for hopper screen

Unit Specifications
Hopper Height 43 in 1092 mm
Hopper Capacity 10 ft 283 L
Pump Outlet 0.5 in 127 mm
Concrete Cylinders 6 x 24 in 152 x 610 mm
Hydraulic Cylinders 3 x 24 in 76 x 610 mm
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 33 gal 125 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 gal 61 L
Brake Type Hydraulic Surge
Pumping Specifications
Pumping Rate
per Hour
0 - 30 yd 0 - 23 m
Vertical Pumping Height 200 ft 61 m
Horizontal Pumping Distance 800 ft 243 m
Max. Concrete Pressure 800 psi 55 bar
Max. Aggregate Size 1.5 in 38 mm
Note: These figures will vary due to concrete mix design, line size, and job site conditions.
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 158 in 4013 mm
Overall Width 65 in 1651 mm
Overall Height 66 in 1676 mm
Operating Weight 3750 lb 1701 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.