Generator Selector App

Multiquip's MQ Power Generators are respected worldwide for their unsurpassed reliability and efficiency. Now we're providing some of our industry-leading experience in the palm of your hand with a tool to help you find the right generator for your motor starting needs.

The MQ POWER Generator Selector app helps you select the right generator to meet your specific power needs. Eliminates the need for charts, calculations or guesswork. Quick and simple answers to complex sizing applications. Free to download and easy to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices does the Generator Selector App support?

A: We support iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones (2.3 and higher). We are investigating support for additional devices.

Q: What if my motor size is not listed in the app? What if I have special power requirements?

A: For assistance in sizing the perfect generator to meet your needs, you may call our sales office at 1-800-421-1244 for assistance or reach out to one of our Sales Directors using our Sales map.

Q: Does the Generator Selector App work without an internet connection?

A: Yes it does. The app will download our product information from the Multiquip website and store it locally on your device. Please note - you need an internet connection to submit a contact request.

Q: Is there any important information I need to know about how the sizing calculations were done?

A: Yes. Generator sizing calculations were completed using published NEMA designations to determine the ratio of Locked Rotor KVA per horsepower and assumes your motor is a NEMA code G by default. Additionally, sizing guidelines are for Across-the-Line Motor Starting.

Q: Who should I contact if there are problems or questions about the Generator Selector App?

A: Please send an email to with as much information as possible, including device type (iPhone 4s, Galaxy S III, iPad, etc), operating system version, and what you were doing in the app when the error occured.