Mixer Sizing App

Multiquip is the home of some of the most recognized brands of concrete and masonry mixers. Now Multiquip is putting their industry leading experience in the palm of your hand. This app will help you choose the right sized mixer for average concrete or masonry projects.

Pick a job type, enter some simple information and then pick your mixer size to see which Multiquip mixer best fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices does the Mixer Sizing App support?

A: We currently support iPhone 4 and up and iPad 2 and up. We will begin development on an android version after the launch of the iOS app. 

Q: What if I have large or special jobsite requirements?

A: For assistance in sizing the perfect mixer to meet your needs, you may call our sales office at 1-800-421-1244 or send an email app-mixer-sizing@multiquip.com with specifics.

Q: Does the Mixer Sizing App work without an internet connection?

A: Yes it does. The app will download our product information from the Multiquip website and store it locally on your device. If the device has been offline for more than 7 days, you will be prompted to connect to an internet source (cellular or wi-fi) to update the stored data from our website. Please note - you need an internet connection to submit a contact request.

Q: How does this app determine mixer capacities for standard bag sizes?

A: We are using the following values to calculate mixer capacities:

  • 40# bag: 1/3rd cu. ft
  • 60# bag: 1/2 cu. ft
  • 80# bag: 3/4 cu. ft

Q: How does this app determine Peak Material Demand?

A: We are using the following determination: In the first hour of mixing, you will need to provide 20% of total material required per crew in order to obtain maximum efficiency with your masons.

Q: Who should I contact if there are problems or questions about the Mixer Sizing App?

A: Please send an email to webmaster@multiquip.com with as much information as possible, including device type (iPhone 4s, Galaxy S III, iPad, etc), operating system version, and what you were doing in the app when the error occured.