2018 New Product Showcase

Multiquip is introducing several new products this year that are sure to generate interest and excitement among professional contractors.

These products enable you to get your job completed more efficiently –and profitably – regardless of whether your trade involves soil compaction, concrete finishing, masonry or general construction!

February 19 - 21, 2018
Education: February 18
New Orleans Convention Center
Booth: 4839

MQ Whiteman Ride-On Trowels

More Power to the Floor

We REinvented the Power Trowel.

MQ Whiteman power trowels enjoy reputations for performance, value and durability. Since the first power trowel was invented by Marvin Whiteman in 1939 we have continued to innovate and reinvent the power trowel to provide machines that deliver higher levels of performance. The STXDF and the TWIG are two machines that deliver what contractors want - more power to the floor!

STXDF Hydrostatic-Drive Ride-On Trowel


117 IN. Path Width, 0-150 RPM Rotor Speed, Dual Fuel Gas/LPG

The STXDF boasts the best power to weight ratio of any machine we’ve ever designed.

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TWIG Hydrostatic-Drive Ride-On Trowel

10 ft. Coverage, Twin 6-blade rotors, 160 RPM, Dual Fuel Gas/LPG

The industry’s first trowel powered by onboard high-cycle generator

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MQ Whiteman Power Trowels

The world's number one selling trowels for over 75 years.

Power trowels are measured by their performance, and by that standard, MQ Whiteman is the undisputed leader.

The first edging trowel to feature an adjustable diameter guard ring. This unique trowel provides contractors with greater versatility than standard designs. Factory set at 36", the working width is easily adjusted to 30" to meet job requirements.

J3036H55 Adjustable Edging Trowel


60-115 RPM, 30-36 in. coverage, Honda GX160 Engine

The J3036H55 Edging trowel converts from 36 to 30 inches as needed.

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MQ Whiteman Power Buggies

The MQ Whiteman line of Power Buggies is expanding

MQ Whiteman power buggies are versatile, dependable workhorses that can handle concrete placement, debris removal, landscaping projects and much more. We’ve expanded our line – and expanded the options available to contractors – with a new track-drive model and propane powered, wheel-drive buggy.

WTB-16 Track-Drive Power Buggy


Track-Drive, 16 ft3 tub, 35.5 in. wide, 22 HP Honda GX690 Engine

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WBH-21EFP LPG-fueled Power Buggy


7.5 gal LPG Tank, 21 ft3 tub, 44 in. wide, 18 HP Vanguard Engine

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MQ Whiteman TuffTruk™ Power Buggies

The best choice for concrete and material transport.

The compact TuffTruk™ is ideal for interior demolition, environmental remediation, general construction, landscaping and utility work. A patented articulated design delivers excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius. The standard 10.6 ft³ capacity steel tub carries material or debris and passes through 36-inch openings. Choose between an innovative, zero emission, battery drive or 4.8 HP Honda gas engine and hydraulic drive.

TuffTruk™ Walk-Behind Power Buggy


Articulating Joint, 10.6 ft3 tub, 34 in. wide, Battery or Gas Powered

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Echo Barrier

Keeping the Peace and Quiet

Echo Barrier is an easy-to-install, easy-to-move and easy-to-store, cost-effective solution for all noise attenuation needs.

This acoustic absorption and attenuation system is highly durable, lightweight, waterproof, fire, chemical and dust resistant. The system is currently used by firms in the construction, public transportation, mining, utilities, power generation, demolition and event industries, across five continents.

Echo Barrier Sound Attenuation Products

Echo Barrier

Semi-permeable membrane offers unparralled noise absorption up to 28 dB

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MQ Mikasa Compaction

New additions to the Family

Experienced contractors know MQ Mikasa products stand for top quality and high performance.

Multiquip has built a reputation by offering the lowest maintenance, most innovative and productive compaction equipment in the business. We are introducing a new lower-weight class Rammer and Plate Compactor with all the industry leading features of our MTX Rammers and MVH Reversible Plate Compactors.

MQ Mikasa MTX50HD Rammer


2,316 lbs impact force 10.4 in. shoe, Honda GX100 Engine

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MVH128GH Reversible Plate Compactor


5,283 lb cf., 15.8 in. wide plate, Honda Engine

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Portable Gasoline Powered Trash Pumps

Now, with Integrated Sound Suppressing Design

Multiquip tackles the challenge of providing quieter operating pumps and delivers an industry first in portable pipe-framed de-watering pumps.

The QP3THX operates at only 71 dBA (no louder than a home vacuum cleaner); while the QP3TS operates at 63 dBA (normal voice conversation).

QP3THX Centrifugal Trash Pump



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High Performance 6-Inch Diesel Powered Trash Pumps

Powered by an EPA/CARB Certified KOHLER Engine

Industrial grade 6-inch wet priming de-watering trash pump provides the operating performance you ave come to expect from Multiquip.

The MQ62TK Series Trash pump is offered as a skid mount that easily loads onto the back of a pick-up truck for rapid response, or on a DOT/NHTSA qualified trailer for simple mobility and transportation.

MQ62TK Series Trash Pump

MQ62TK Series

6 in. Trash Pump, 1,190 GPM - KOHLER KDW 1404 Tier 4 Final diesel engine, Trailer or Skid Mount available

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The MQ Advantage
A Reputation for Performance

Multiquip understands your business is built on your reputation.

Your equipment supplier should have a reputation for building high quality, reliable products that exceed your expectations. Multiquip’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses light to medium construction equipment, power generators and lighting is the best in the industry but we are more than great products. Take a look at what sets Multiquip products apart from the competition.

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The MQ Advantage

More than just high-quality equipment solutions.

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