525 Gal. Mobile Water Trailer, powerful MQ 2” High Pressure Centrifugal Pump

Ideal for job site dust suppression, fire fighting, equipment and vehicle wash-down, mobile irrigation and more, Multiquip's water trailers deliver rugged, reliable performance.

The Multiquip WT5HP Water Trailer is is best suited for fire control, irrigation applications, and applications requiring high discharge pressures. The WT5HP features the MQ QP205SH 2-inch high-pressure centrifugal pump for reliable performance, with the same industrial-grade valves, solid brass discharge ports, and quick-disconnect couplings designed to operate under the most demanding conditions.

Specification Highlights

Water System

525 gal. Polyethelene Water Tank
106 GPM Flow, 230 ft head
Water Delivery via:
1.5 & 2 in Left/Rt. (QD Couplers), three garden hose valves, rear spray bar
Powered by MQ QP205SH 2 in. high pressure centrifugal pump
1 in x 50 ft 200 PSI rated Hose & Reel Standard


DOT Certified 3,500lb rated dual axle
Safe towing and braking assured by a dual axle trailer and rugged hydraulic brake system
Transport hoses and accessories in convenient steel storage bin
Height-adjustable channel permits multiple hitch options

Trailer Brake Packages

WT5HP available with Surge Brakes
WTEHP available with Electric Brakes


Hitches - 2 in. Ball or Pintle trailer hitches, 2 & 2-5/16 in Bulldog hitchs
Suction Hoses - NPT Thread, Quick Disconnect
Discharge Hoses - NPT Thread, Quick Disconnect, Fire Hydrant
Quick Disconnect fittings, Fire Hose Nozzles, Hose Reel Assembly

Machine Features

Fill in Minutes

Quick Fill System

Fill the 525 gal. tank in minutes from fire hydrants through 2 in. dia. steel pipe.

Single lever control of suction and discharge functions. Multiple ports provide flexible water delivery options and convenient tank filling

Onboard Storage

Steel bin provides convienient storage for hose and accessories

Hose Reel Assembly

Standard on WT5HP/WTE5HP. 1 in x 50 ft 200 PSI Rated hose with fog fire nozzle for variable spray options.

Reel is supported by Industrial bearing for easy deployment & wind up

Rear Spray Bar

The WT5HP features a rear spray bar that is capable of producing a cone of water from 8 ft. (gravity flow) to 36 ft. (pressurized flow)

Product Literature

Water Trailers Brochure
Water Trailer Brochure

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