SLABARMOR­­­ Starter

SLABARMOR­­­ Starter

Trowel-in Cure to extend material life by closing capillaries within the slab

SlabArmorâ„¢ Starter extends material life by closing capillaries within the slab, reducing surface abrasion and creating a sustainable surface profile.

Transform your Slab!

Attain levels of gloss and reflectivity you never thought possible with power trowels. Save time and money by compressing your project timeline and completing ahead of schedule. Achieve results that last while reducing maintenance expenses and upkeep requirements over the life of the slab.

Features & Benefits

  • Extend workability of slab surface to achieve best possible finish
  • Increases surface density and reduces permeability
  • Abrasion resistance and wear characteristics compared to trap rock or dry-shake hardeners*
  • Reduce dusting for a cleaner finished product
  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs by improving the surface cap
  • Attain a highly refined surface finish
  • Begin refining the surface as the concrete is being finished
  • Reduce labor and sub-contracting requirements
  • When used as the SlabArmor two-step process.



Performance Data

SLABARMORâ„¢ System Items
Size Item No.
1 gal. Jug SAS01
5 gal. Pail SAS05
55 gal. Drum SAS55
275 gal. Tote SAS275

Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.