QP3THX Sound Attenuated 3-Inch Trash Pump

3" Suction, Trash Pump, 396 GPM, 95 ft. MAX Head; Honda GX240

The Multiquip QP3THX provides features like no other pump in its class

First, the engine has been refitted with a EPA/CARB qualified 4.2 gal. gasoline fuel tank that allows 7.2 hours of operating time. Second, a uniquely engineered pump manifold casing is incorporated that reduces the sound signature to 71 dB(A).

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Specification Highlights

Pump Features

Unique Sound Attenuated Manifold System — First of it's kind
Long Operating Run Time — 4.2 gal. EPA/CARB qualified tank
Industrial Grade Pump Body
Specially Engineered Volute and Impeller
Pro-Constructed Mechanical Seal System


Moves up to 1.5 in. solids
Suction x Discharge — 3 x 3 in.
Max GPM — 396
Max Lift — 25 ft.
Max Head — 95 ft.
Max PSI — 41.1


7.9 HP Honda GX240 Engine
3,600 RPM
Recoil Start

Pump Features

Unique Sound Attenuated Manifold System
The QP3THX offers the first integrated sound cancelling design engineered into the operating dynamics of the pump. This one-of-a-kind feature ensures sound signatures of 71 dB(A)*

*71 db(A) equates to the sound of a vacuum cleaner at 3 ft. distance.

Industrial Grade Pump Body
The unique MQ die-cast aluminum casings ensure the fastest priming times, light weight pump signature, and extra tolerances to high pressures and debris passage.
Specially engineered Volute and Impeller
Easily removable, double passage design ensureces the fastest priming actions, minimal clogging, and improved flow efficiency.
Long Operating Run Time
The QP3THX incorporates a 4.2 GAL fuel tank that provides over 7 hours of pumping operation time.
Pro Constructed Mechanical Seal System
The silicon/carbon and Type 303 stainless steel assembly meets the rigorous demands of abrasion and high temperature operations.

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QP3THX Performance Curve

QP3THX Performance Curve

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QP3THX Trash Pump Introduction
Trash Pump Brochure
Trash Pump Brochure
Trash Pump Brochure

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