WTB-16 | MQ Whiteman Track-Drive Power Buggy

Track-Drive, 16 ft3 tub, 35.5 in. wide, 22 HP Honda GX690 Engine

This new track-drive power buggy features an aggressive track pattern enabling the buggy to travel effortlessly through soft soils and muddy site conditions.

The WTB-16 is engineered with top quality components and built with the attention to detail that has made MQ Whiteman the leader in motorized buggies.

Available July 2020. Order now for first availability!

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Specification Highlights

Track Drive

Steel-embedded ladder track design with cast-iron guide wheels
Dual Control Levers for controlled steering and acceleration
Low maintenance Hydraulic Design eliminates wear parts

Buggy Features

Polyethylene Tub — 16 ft3 (2,500 lb) capacity. Durable and easy to clean.
Narrow Width — 35.5 in. Pass through doors or confined areas with ease
Dimensions (LxWxH)
90.5 x 35.5 x 56.5 in.
Weight: 1,896 lb.


Engine — 22 HP Honda GX690
Fuel Capacity — 5 gal. for long run times
Travel Efficiently
5.7 MPH Unloaded
4.7 MPH Loaded

Additional Information

All-New Track Drive Design

Optimal traction and durability assured by a steel imbedded ladder track design

Rugged undercarriage guide wheels made of cast ductile iron

Low maintenance hydraulic design eliminates wear parts such as belt-drives and drive couplers

Versatile Polyethylene Tub

Durable and easy to clean 16 ft.3 (2,500 lb.) capacity polyethylene tub

The buggy tackles a variety of applications including concrete placement, landscaping material and debris removal.

Hydraulic dumping mechanism makes emptying the WTB-16 quick and simple

Easy Steering

Dual Control Steering Levers allow the operator to control the unit with ease while minimizing fatigue.

Additional Photos

Operator's platform & controls

Operator's platform & controls

Rear-view w/Engine

Rear-view w/Engine

Product Literature

WTB-16 Track-Drive Power Buggy Introduction
WTB-16 Track-Drive Power Buggy Introduction

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