FXA60A4 ~ Vibr-Hi Cycle, 2.375" diam., 13' hose

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FXA60A4 - Vibr-Hi Cycle, 2.375" diam., 13'  hose

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2.375" head, 13.1' hose, 33' cord, 180 Hz cycle

High-cycle vibrators are used with low-slump concrete where consistent power is needed to work a stiff mix into corners, around rebar and remove entrapped air pockets. These vibrators use a three-phase motors at 180 cycles and require a special generator capable of generating 180 cycles. The benefit is these vibrators retain 95% of their power under load.



  • Powered by a 4.5-amp electric motor
  • Permanently lubricated oversized head bearings for unmatched durability
  • Hose can be extended to 45 (13.5 meters)
  • Waterproof control box
  • Optional 50- and 100-foot (15, 30 meters) extension cords available
  • Requires high-cycle generator GDP5H