Multiquip's New Eco-Friendly GloBug™ Lighting Solutions Shed a Bright Light on Earth Day

News Date: Apr 10, 2024
Author: Jon Williamson
Source: Multiquip Inc.

Cypress, CA – April 11, 2024 – Multiquip, Inc. continues its commitment to reduce carbon footprint and offering sustainable, environmentally conscious products. The company’s battery-powered GloBug light carts are the latest additions to its MQ Zero range of net zero emissions light construction equipment.
Available in two models, Spotlight (GBBAT3S4M) and Balloon Light (GBBAT8BM).

The GABBAT3S4M offers 4 powerful 300W LED lamps that emit 212,000 lumens of strong, focused directional lighting, while the GBBAT8BM balloon light emits 110,000 lumens of 360° diffused, non-glare LED light that reduces shadows, eye strain, fatigue and promotes safety. Both models have a three-step dimming switch, enabling the operator to control the desired level of brightness, extend battery run time, and reduce light pollution. The telescopic 4-stage 20-foot mast allows users to control how wide an area to illuminate. The lithium-ion battery features a full 8 hours of run time on GBBAT3S4M and 12 hours of run time on GBBAT8BM at full load. The lights are equipped with two built-in chargers that let users simply plug into any 110V AC outlets and fully recharge in only 5.5 hours. Unlike their engine-driven counterparts, battery-powered light carts are ultra-quiet in use, with little to no noise pollution, and require very little maintenance, which can save thousands of dollars over its life.

"We are excited to highlight our first-ever emission-free battery-powered light carts as Earth Day approaches," said Tim Ardell, CEO of Multiquip, "As an industry leader, we strive to develop innovative technologies that meet the job site requirements of our customers while minimizing the environmental impact."
The new Multiquip GloBug light carts are the perfect lighting solution that offers crucial environmental benefits, yet provides maximum productivity. Join Multiquip in honoring Earth Day with sustainable light carts for a brighter future! For more information, visit or call 800-426-1244.


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