Multiquip welders prove themselves for Traylor Bros.

News Date: Jun 21, 2010
Author: Multiquip Inc.
Source: Multiquip Inc.

The Challenge

For more than 60 years, Traylor Bros. Inc. has been one of the most respected, preferred and consistently performing heavy civil contractors in the U.S.  The company's project experience includes building more than 100 tunnels and nearly 150 major bridges for the federal government, the Department of Transportation, an individual state, or a municipality.

The company owns one of the largest and most specialized heavy civil equipment fleets in North America, with more than 2,800 pieces of major equipment. While the company does lease equipment when necessary, more often than not, the company owns the equipment it needs and maintains and deploys it to various job sites.

One challenge the company consistently faced was finding and maintaining a reliable and cost-effective welder.  Traylor Bros. has worked with a countless number of welders and were consistently having to maintain or fix the equipment, while on the jobsite.

One welder that Traylor Bros. tried had ongoing problems with the machine's electronically controlled motherboard.  When the welder would break, the equipment would be taken to an authorized repair facility.  Even after the motherboard was fixed, it was highly unreliable and could fail immediately after returning to the jobsite or many weeks later.  The uncertainty of the welder, coupled with the high cost to repair and maintain, prompted Traylor Bros. to search for a new vendor.

The next welder the company evaluated had faulty drive belts that would destruct after 3,500 hours of use.  The belts were not easy to replace and upon breaking, would cause even more damage to the welder. Once again, these problems created unnecessary downtime and safety concerns for workers, which led Traylor Bros. to search for yet another equipment supplier.

The Solution

Having owned and maintained most of their equipment, Traylor Bros. had a very high regard and positive experience with Multiquip's generators.  When Multiquip manufactured a welder, Traylor Bros. quickly tried the 400 and 500 amp diesel models.  The previous challenges the company had experienced with other welders, were no longer present.

The Results

Multiquip's diesel welders were a reliable product that did not break down, and proved to be a wise investment for Traylor Bros. The new machines also eliminated downtime that was previously used to repair the welders and search for alternative options.

“When you work in high risk civil construction, having reliable equipment to ensure employees' safety is critical,” said Thad Pirtle, vice president and equipment manager for Traylor Bros.  “Reliability also significantly impacts productivity. Since using Multiquip's welders, our uptime is almost 100%. Our experience with Multiquip has been very positive – almost flawless.”

About Multiquip

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