300W LED, Diffuser Balloon Light Assembly only - no stand

Multiquip offers LED technology to our line of GloBugs. LED chips are safer, producing significantly less heat than Metal Halide bulbs while offering crisper color consistency and a long operating life.

This model GB3LEDB is the complete, fully functional 300W LED diffused balloon light assembly - but does not include a mast, cart or stand. This model can be ordered as a replacement unit, or can be placed atop supportive mounting poles and masts.

  • Superior Lighting Properties - Color consistency is crisp and clear, with exceptional color rendering signatures and superior projected light qualities
  • Shock resistant and weather resistant LED assembly - Protects the LED chips and electrical surroundings.
  • Long life hours, low maintenance - Up to 40,000 hours of operating life per LED chip
  • Safer; LED holds less heat - LED Lamps (158°) vs.Metal Halide (422°)
  • Optional illuminance settings - 3-stage dimming controls (100W, 200W, 300W)
  • Safe, convenient operating process - Instant start and restarting
  • Environmentally, economically smart - LED reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions up to 85%


Unit Specifications
Deployment Style Can be placed atop a supportive mast, pole or stand
Voltage 115 AC V
Hertz 50/60 Hz
Amperage 2.7 @ 300W A
Dimming Control 300W / 200W / 100W
Total Lux 38,000 (300W) / 28,000 (200W) 16,000 (100W)
Operating Temps -23° ~ 104°F
Mast Design Manual w/ 2 stages (gas assist)
Max Height Dependent on pole, mast, stand per ft.
Weight 17.5lb.
Appropriate Generator 350W and above
Max Wind Loading 25 - 30 MPH
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.