Water Trailers

The WT5 Series represents an industrial 525 Gal. Mobile Water Trailer with DOT/NHSTA approved dual axle trailer that offers a trusted MQ 2” standard Centrifugal or 2" High Pressure Pump. The units provide a highly flexible, yet simple operating water suction/discharge system.

Water trailers

Mobile, simple, flexible, the WT5 Series is ready to tackle a host of assignments to include: dust control, emergency firefighting response, construction, agricultural support and equipment wash down. The easy-operating manifold designs permits easy suction/discharge operations. The Model WT5C provides a hydraulic (surge) braking system, and the Model WTE5C provides electric brakes. Both models come standard with a 2 5/16" Ball Hitch. The WT5C utilizes a standard 4-pin vehicle connector, while the WTE5C uses a 7-pin lamp connector. Optional hitch couplers are available. Also availble are two models that are designed with MQ's powerful 2" High Pressure pump for those applications that demand higher psi and jetting performance. * Not designed to pump salt water and selected chemicals. * Not Certified for potable water.