Smooth welding performance

Whether you are looking for a gasoline-powered machine for small repairs or a large diesel-powered machine for your service truck or industrial applications Multiquip has the best welders in the industry.

Gasoline-Powered Welder/Generators

For operators who need a welder/generator but don't anticipate extended use, Multiquip's gasoline-powered models are the first choice. They're productive and boast many of the features normally only found on much larger welder/generators.

Diesel-Powered Welder/Generators

Multiquip's diesel powered welder/generators feature the smoothest arc characteristics in the indusrty producing more consistent and higher quality welds with trained operators. Simultaneous operation of the AC/DC output is possible on these slected models which range from 225 to 500 amps as welders and/or 3 to 14kW as generators.