Walk-Behind Trowels

MQ Whiteman Brand Power Trowels have been at the center of the concrete finishing world since 1939. Years of innovation and development have enabled us to offer the world's premier line up of concrete finishing equipment on the market today.

MQ Whiteman Concrete Equipment Overview

Watch this video to learn more about our MQ Whiteman walk-behind & ride-on trowels, our duoscreed and our steel vibratory truss screed.

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Dual-Fuel Walk-Behind Trowels

MQ Whiteman Dual Fuel line of walk behind trowels adds versitility to any customer's fleet. This enhanced design was developed for the ever changing construction marketplace. Our DF models can allow the operator to run (with proper ventilation ) these models in areas that may normaly require the use of a catalytic converter in place of the standard exhaust system. Being able to switch from gasoline to LPG on the fly is an added bonus. This feature will also produce extended run times and more versitility on the jobsite. Developed with the environment and customer in mind, this model offers all the quality, performance and reliabilty our customers demand.


InstaClutch Walk-Behind Trowels

MQ Whiteman InstaClutch™ walk-behind power trowels add a new dimesion in our walk behind trowel line-up. This innovative clutch system immediately disengages the drive system should the operator release the handle. Engineered to provide the performance you expect and the reliability you depend upon.

Pro Trowels

MQ Whiteman Pro Trowels redefine the capabilities of walk-behind concrete finishers. A unique design, featuring an integrated boom, enables application of a broom or fresno finish during the final trowel pass. It is ideally suited for parking structures, multi-story projects and jobs that do not require a burnished surface.

Heavy-Duty Walk-Behind Trowels

MQ Whiteman HDA series trowel features a heavy-duty gearbox, CVT drive system, and a 13 HP Honda engine. With rotor speeds ranging from 35-225, this heavy duty walk behind trowel delivers the power and performance our customers demand