84-HP Ford Power Products, Gas/LPG, 10' Non-overlap, twin six blade rotors

The MQ Whiteman STXDF hydraulic ride-on trowel was redesigned from the ground up focusing on delivering the maximum power required for panning and burnishing. Having the added option of running on LPG (with proper ventilation) or gasoline, this innovative design can also extend overall run times over standard single fuel models by 35%.

          Drive System

  • Powerful 84 HP Gasoline-LPG Ford Power Products engine produces optimum torque for panning and brings more power to the floor for burnishing
  • All Aluminum deep skirted cylinder block for rigidity, this power plant also features "Set for life" valve train for years of maintenance free use
  • Dual Fuel Capability allows engine to switch from gasoline to LPG for work in semi-enclosed areas 
  • Engine comes complete with a combination catalytic converter/muffler system standard that meets all EPA requirements. Any modifications to this system will void engine warranty 
  • High Efficiency hydraulic variable displacement pump & radial piston drive motors for increased overall system performance
  • Redesigned interface eliminates the possibility of drive shaft failures under heavy loads and reduces down time if service is required

            Operator Controls

  • Active Speed Control enables operator to precisely set rotor speeds using the digital interface. Actively monitors drive system to maintain consistent rotor speeds under varying load conditions 
  • Digital Display provides information to the operator at a glance, including: blade pitch, rotor speed, fuel selection, fuel level, engine speed, cruise control selection, and critical engine alerts
  • Visual Pitch Indicator displays blade pitch on controller screen and enables operators to attain preferred pitch angle in an easy and repeatable manner
  • LED lighting provides state of the art illumination for night time or indoor work
  • Retardant spray system actuated by the controls located on the steering handles, provides uniform coverage of the slab surface


  • Redesigned welded chassis with walk around deck
  • Ergonomic controls and seating area reduce operator fatigue
  • Rotor Jog facilitates lifting; allows operator to jog the rotors to prevent surface marring while standing in front of the machine
  • Operator convenience features include a USB accessory outlet and cup holder   


  • MQ# 30006 LPG tank sold separately (Capacity 33.5#)   

  Engines using gasoline or LPG fuel should be operated only in areas with adequate ventilation. NEVER operate in confined areas or in areas where the free flow of air is restricted. 



Unit Specifications
Engine 84 HP Ford Duel Fuel Engine
Rotor RPM 0-150
Path Width 117 in 2971 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.5 gal 54 L
Run Time 3.5 gal/hr
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 64 in 1625 mm
Overall Width 131 in 3327 mm
Overall Height 71 in 1803 mm
Operating Weight 2769 lb 1255 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.