70-HP Hatz Tier 4 Final Turbo Diesel, 10' Non-overlap, twin six blade rotors

The STX series 10-foot hydaulic trowel features innovative technology, operator comfort and ease of operation that contractors expect from the industry leader.

              Drive system

  • 70HP Hatz 4H50TIC turbo diesel engine complies with US EPA Tier 4 Final emission requirements
  • Engine comes complete with a DOC exhaust system standard that meets all EPA requirements. Any modifications to this system will void engine warranty 
  • Patented Engine Power Management senses engine load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to allow the engine to operate at peak performance
  • Six blade spider assemblies assure the flattest floors possible with 33% more blade contact

              Operator controls

  • Cruise control reduces operator fatigue during low speed operations
  • 6 LED lights provide state of the art illumination for night time or indoor work
  • Retardant spray system actuated by the controls located on the steering handles, provides uniform coverage of the slab surface
  • Proportional hydraulic steering has been enhanced and offers improved responsiveness with minimal operator effort
  • SmartPitchâ„¢ control synchronizes blade pitch for both rotors with single button
  • Multifunction display provides the operator with easy-to-read data including engine speed, fuel levels and alerts
  • Rotor Jog facilitates lifting; allows operator to jog the rotors to prevent surface marring while standing in front of the machine
  • 12 Volt outlet and drink holder for charging your electronic devices and operator convenience


  • Clamshell deign simplifies maintenance and permits convenient access to all service items
  • Automatic Shut-down stops the rotors from turning if the operator stands up while the engine is running
  • Increased chassis rigidity and stability achieved by lower center of gravity, reduces body roll  and improves steering feedback and operator control


Unit Specifications
Engine Hatz 4H50TIC turbo diesel engine
Engine Cooling liquid
Blades per Rotor 6
Rotor RPM 10-130
Path Width 117 in 2971 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 20 gal 75.7 L
Run Time 3.4 gal/hr
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 65 in 1651 mm
Overall Width 125 in 3175 mm
Overall Height 57 in 1447 mm
Operating Weight 2692 lb 1221 kg
Shipping Weight 3044 lb 1380 kg
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.